Lifecycle Events

The Dvorah Rose Consultancy is available to help individuals, couples and families prepare for any life transition that is significant to them. These events may be religious and include or combine one or more religions or spiritual paths, or may be secular, humanist, atheist or agnostic.

Ceremonies might be weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies for teenagers or young adults, funerals or memorial services, or baby-namings; transitions such as leaving home to begin college, downsizing your home, or taking a new name; moving into your first home; or beginning or completing an intensive course of medical care.

It is a meaningful experience to be with people during their important life moments, and D’vorah brings warmth, creativity, deep listening, and years’ of experience to the individuals, couples and families with whom she works.  The Dvorah Rose Consultancy specializes in crafting ceremonies that, while grounded in an individual’s, couple’s or family’s tradition(s), reflects who those unique people are, and what is important to them.

The Consultancy welcomes working with all individuals and families who are part of our richly diverse  community, including LGBTQI members.

Depending upon the desired structure of the ceremony, D’vorah has colleagues who can assist or co-officiate.  The Dvorah Rose Consultancy has close relationships with clergy and community leaders representing the wonderful cultural and spiritual mosaic of the San Francisco Bay Area and the United States.

If the ceremony will be a coming of age event for a teenager that includes study of their traditions, such as a bar or bat mitzvah, D’vorah brings her experience as an educator in both formal and informal learning settings.  Her students have ranged across the learning spectrum and age range, and she enjoys helping each student learn in the style best suited for them.

When you meet with D’vorah to discuss your ceremony, please have this information handy, if possible:

  • • Type of ceremony
  • • Name of ceremony participant(s)
  • • Date and time of ceremony
  • • Location of ceremony
  • • Any particular concerns you would like D’vorah to be aware of
  • • Referred by


Selected Lectures and Publications:

How to Create Rituals for Every Day and Special Events UCSF, San Francisco CA 6/2017

Copeland, M and Rose D. Intersections: A Guide to Working With LGBTQI University Students of Minority Religions and Cultures in Expanding the Circle, 2015 SUNY Press, Albany NY

Cultivating Welcoming Congregations. Berkeley CA 11/2010

Weddings on the Jewish Sabbath 10/2009

Wedding Contracts for Same-Sex Couples 10/2010



“Rabbi D’vorah was an amazing guide as we prepared for our wedding.  We had some challenging family issues, but her warmth, humor and wisdom helped us and our families so much. Our wedding day was full of joy, the ceremony felt like it was ours rather than a just a formula, and everyone was truly happy to be with us.”   – Anna & Peter  June 2018

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