D’vorah Rose, MA, RN, BCC, CAVS is the Principal of The Dvorah Rose Consultancy D’vorah has been interested in working with different cultural and religious communities since she was a young child. Working in Nepal on community health projects, she realized she could weave together her interest in cultures and religions, her commitment to social and economic justice, and lifesaving clinical skills – and pursued a career in healthcare as a registered nurse (RN). As an RN, D’vorah has worked with local communities in Vietnam, in the U.S. with refugees from around the world, and with other historically underserved communities. Combining her experience as an RN, her later training as an Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) board certified multifaith healthcare chaplain, and skills in volunteer services, she has been teaching about and working on projects that focus on increasing health equity and access; about the impact of conscious and unconscious bias on patient health status; and the needs of different religious and cultural groups at the end of life. She focuses primarily on the experiences and needs of the underserved, such as the LGBTQI community, and those who come from minority religious or cultural communities.Throughout her career as an RN and healthcare chaplain, D’vorah has designed and managed healthcare volunteer programs. This is an exciting way to support healthcare institutions and organizations as well as to help train and mentor the next generation of healthcare providers.

D’vorah teaches healthcare professionals and graduate students throughout the United States and internationally. She has offered courses at institutions such as Stanford University Medical School, The Department of Religion at Basel University–Switzerland, and Kara – Center for Grief Support in Palo Alto, CA. She sits on panels on religion and health at such institutions as Harvard University, and was the Diversity & Patient Experience Manager for a large national hospice. She was also an Adjunct Lecturer at Dominican University – San Rafael in Spirituality and Health for five years, where she taught graduate-level courses in the Integrated Health Practices and Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs.

D’vorah is an established author, having published book chapters, essays, curricula, blogs, and the book, Struggling in Good Faith

To all of her classes, workshops and retreats, D’vorah brings her knowledge, expertise and ability to innovate gained from years of providing healthcare as a registered nurse, spiritual leadership as an APC board-certified healthcare chaplain, and as a Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services (CAVS).

D’vorah has been delightedly creating lifecycle ceremonies and events for individuals, couples and families for over 15 years. She wrote one of the earliest curricula on how to work with interfaith families to create meaningful coming of age ceremonies for teenagers; she has been a guide to hundreds of couples (and their families) as they prepare to be wed and to families who have lost a beloved member; and has delighted with families at baby-namings and welcoming ceremonies. Due to her commitment to serve people who would otherwise not receive support, and to the joy of serving in the “in-between-spaces,” many of D’vorah’s clients are interfaith or multifaith, agnostic or humanist, and/or are members of the LGBTQI community.

D’vorah has been recognized as warmly engaging, creative, playful, thoughtful and easily accessible by the couples and families for whom she’s created and officiated lifecycle events; the students she has taught and mentored; and by her colleagues in healthcare and volunteer services.

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