The Dvorah Rose Consultancy is dedicated to three interconnected areas of service: working with patients, their families, friends, and healthcare providers as they progress through the end of life experience; designing and managing healthcare volunteer programs; and creating and officiating lifecycle events.

D’vorah Rose, MA, RN, BCC, CAVS is the Principal of The Dvorah Rose Consultancy. Her colleagues with The Consultancy are specialists with years of experience in their respective fields, including palliative and end of life care, and volunteer programming and development. The Consultancy members who assist with lifecycle events are clergy leaders from the community and represent some of the many different cultural and spiritual traditions in both the San Francisco Bay Area as well as throughout the United States.

The Dvorah Rose Consultancy specializes in initiating and guiding conversations, program development, and lifecycle events in those spaces that tend to be unusual and often require deep listening, empathy, and advocacy. As the Principal, D’vorah is known for navigating these situations successfully and with warmth, humor, and creativity. She is often called upon to officiate or co-officiate interfaith weddings and other lifecycle events; to provide end of life care, especially within historically underserved communities; and to create healthcare volunteer programs that challenge the volunteers and create meaningful support to healthcare staff and institutions

D’vorah and her colleagues bring expansive and inclusive perspectives, flexibility, and creativity to the work of The Dvorah Rose Consultancy. The guiding principle of The Consultancy is that the experience of being human is not standardized, so the end of life process, volunteer programs, and lifecycle ceremonies should not be, either. D’vorah and her colleagues deeply appreciate the richness and uniqueness of every client with whom they work – individuals, institutions, and communities.

D’vorah looks forward to hearing from you and to beginning the discussion about how The Consultancy can best serve your particular needs.